Saving today for life after work

​The good news is that you can top up your pension pot with additional voluntary contributions (AVCs).

And the really good news is ​that you don't have to dig too deep to afford ​them! 

You can pay as little as £2 a week into BRASS, the Scheme's AVC arrangement.

Contributions are taken from your monthly pay - they're tax free up to a certain limit and invested with the aim of helping your savings grow.

Don't forget that investments can go down as well as up, so it's ​a good idea to view them as a long-term option!

Now's the time to find out more...

Why choose AVCs?

You can choose how much to pay in (up to a certain limit)

You can also make a one-off payment, for example, if you get a bonus or overtime

You're thinking of retiring early and want to save more

You just want to put more into your pension pot!